Sunday, February 22, 2009

January Meeting

Lynne and Pat (our founder)

Show and Tell
Patsy 8-point quilt made from a 24” repeat hydrangea flowered fabric
Kim – Log Cabin Hearts – pink and cream, also has scalloped edges.
Ingeborg – Pink – set on point
Hege - Square Christmas quilt
Hege – Scrappy Log Cabin
Nattawan – Jacobs Ladder
Nattawan – Jacobs Ladder
Pat – A Quilted Duffle bag.

Lisa – Nowhere but Texas made from a kit. Machine pieced and quilted.

Mahiran – Double Irish Chain, machine pieced, hand quilted, took her 3 months to make.


KMurray said...

Ladies awesome job on your show and tell quilts!

Anonymous said...


All quilters start out as beginners.
No one is born knowing how.
But all who would be good quilters
Should make this solemn vow:

I will buy only quality fabrics.
I will keep clean my sewing machine.
I will help my fellow quilters
Be they eighty or seventeen.

I will carefully follow directions
That I am given in class
So that what I'm trying to make
Will truly come to pass.

I will try never to feel guilty
About my stash or my UFOs:
These are part of the quilting mystique
As every quilter knows.

Above all, I will embrace
The joys that quilting imparts
Of friendship, fun and sharing
That cheers and fills our hearts.

And when I'm no more a beginner
I won't hold in disdain
Those who know less than I do--
Who knows what heights they may attain?

(Author: unknown)

Anonymous said...

Do you sell your quilts? Love the Texas quilt!