Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAY QUILT GUILD MEETING - Baby Quilt Challenge

From left to right: Georgina won 3rd with her brown bears; Patsy won 2nd with her blue and brown bears; and Lisa won 1st with her pink Sunbonnet Sue.
(The photographer apologizes that there is not a picture of each winning quilt. She got caught up in the moment.)

Pam with her tree of life quilt

Joy's turquoise fat quarter quilt

Sandy's paper pieced airplane baby quilt

Peggy's pink and green baby quilt

Mae and her Winney the Pooh baby quilt

Kathleen's baby quilt of triangles

Wendy's baby quilt of sheep

Karen's baby quilt of blues and pastels

Lisa's paper pieced frogs with great yellow and black eyes

Joy's disappearing nine patch baby quilt

Thank you to all who participated in the baby quilt challenge. All the quilts were so different and beautiful!! It was very difficult to decide which quilt to vote for. Thank you to the Challenge committee. They did a great job and the voting ran very smoothly.

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AlessandraLace said...

wonderful quilts! I love them. congratulations. hugs