Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pam Holland Visit and Camel Class

Pam Holland from Australia came to teach two classes to our Quilt Guild. These photos are from the Thursday class with the Camel wallhanging. It was a great day and she did an excellent job!
Pam showing and talking about thread.

Pam doing a demo on the machine and how to make all the designs.

Guild members watch intently at how amazing she was on the machine.

This is how it all begins. This is one workstation.

Another workstation. Great to see the hard work.
Sorry for the sideway shot but had to post, love the glasses and
steps to show work in progress. Another work in progress. Glasses again.
A great sample. ( sorry again for the sideway picture too good of shot to delete)
Another good work in progress

Still in the working stage but getting there.

Another good sample of the hard work in progress.

Another good sample again.

Another sample, sidedeways again!Help me someone. They are correct before uploading and then this happens. Love the colors so sorry no delete. LOL

Great group photo of Pam and guild members who took the class with a few samples of their work in progess. Good job Ladies!

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