Tuesday, March 22, 2011

January Meeting Show and Tell

These are the lovely and fun quilts from the January Meeting! Enjoy! Click on the picture for a more detailed picture of the designs.
Jean M Quilted Basket

Jennifer B Sampler Quilt

Terah B Sampler Mutil Color Quilt

Carol S A Maggie Walker Design

Look at the lovely detail!

Natthawan Small Applique

Natthawan King Bed Quilt

Deborah H Baby Quilt

Deborah H Mexican Tile from Pam Holland Class

Anne K. Floral Design Quilt

Wilma Bright Geometric Quilt

Rose Y Valentines

Sesaonal Wall Hangings See Below


Spring Chick

Easter Bunny


Rose Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt Back

Kaylene M Blocks Baby Quilt
Designed by Wendy with her E-Quilt Program

Sue B Camel Pillow from Pam Holland wall hanging class

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