Thursday, December 15, 2011

Qatar Guilt Guild Meeting Show & Tell November 30th 2011

Gennette's Blue & Green Baby Quilt with Orange ruffled edge

Autumn Toned Lap Quilt.  Fabric from the Festival of Quilts
in Birmingham (Moda Scrap Bag).
The Border is Tartan from the Souq in Qatar

Joan's 5 Santa Sacks and Christmas Stockings for her visit with the Family

Pixie's Log Cabin with Butterfly Applique and Charcoal Border.
Light and dark log cabins pieced from her Mother's Scraps

He Ock's Large Free Hand Pieced Quilt in pinks, oranges and purples.
The idea was from the German Quilt Book and made in Petersfield

Ellen's Maroon & Green Focus fabric with cream sashing and Borders.
Quilted with Feather Motifs

Kaylene's Pumpkin Thanksgiving themed
Checkerboard Quilt Top

Kerrie's Quilts 

The Quilters Garden Quilt Top with 12 pieced flower motifs arranged in a diamond pattern
taken from 'The Big Book of Quilt Blocks'

Elaine's Union Jack Pillow Top

Kerrie showing up close her three quilts:

Annies Quilt - Pinks, purpled and greens

Lightning Quilt in Black & Red

X Factor Quilt in Primary Colours

Enjoy the Gifts everyone!

Ellen showing the ladies up close detail of her Quilt

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